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July 10th, 2012 - The Anomaly [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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July 10th, 2012

Paizocon [Jul. 10th, 2012|04:54 pm]
I went to Paizocon this past weekend, the convention officially put on by the publishers of Pathfinder. It was a lot of fun. I ran 3 Pathfinder Society Scenarios, and they were awesome. I played in two. One of them we got through without a single combat. The guy running it said that was the first time he'd seen that. The other was a huge fun of roleplaying. I had one guy come up and tell me that I had run one of the best tables he's ever played and how he wishes he could just sit down and role play with me when there weren't any time constraints. How fun is that?
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