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Paizocon [Jul. 10th, 2012|04:54 pm]
I went to Paizocon this past weekend, the convention officially put on by the publishers of Pathfinder. It was a lot of fun. I ran 3 Pathfinder Society Scenarios, and they were awesome. I played in two. One of them we got through without a single combat. The guy running it said that was the first time he'd seen that. The other was a huge fun of roleplaying. I had one guy come up and tell me that I had run one of the best tables he's ever played and how he wishes he could just sit down and role play with me when there weren't any time constraints. How fun is that?
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So... [Jun. 18th, 2012|09:43 am]
I needed a place to vent, and LJ is always good for it. No one that could think this is about them is even ON LJ, so that makes it nice.

I hosted two games of Pathfinder at my house this weekend. I knew one of the players would be a pain. It's okay, I killed him in the first scenario when he did something stupid that pissed off the rest of the players (that said, I legitimately killed him. I could have probably killed the whole party if I were feeling mean). Anyway, several of these people are terrible house guests. I don't understand how they were raised or what would make them think it was okay to do some things. So let's see where we go with this: a) they go get lunch and instead of going somewhere fast, they go to a sit-down restaurant and get take-out. That too MUCH longer than picking up a burrito at Chipotle would have taken. When they came back, they ate, and started to throw their trash away, but the filled up the trash can and didn't bother to tell me. So later, when I go get a drink, I look in the kitchen and there are stacks of take-out boxes and bags IN THE SINK! Really? Couldn't you just say "Hey, the trashcan is full. Where would you like us to put these?" So of course, I got a new back and put the containers in it.

Someone brought a pineapple to eat. He asked for a knife, which I had to think about which I should get him to cut it. He got distracted and didn't cut it until later. Without asking me, he got up and got a different knife to cut it with. He got a serrated bread knife to cut a pineapple? WTF? And he doesn't know how to cut a pineapple properly either. Thank God he got our older knife to do that with instead of our Shun. I'd have killed him if he used the Shun. And you can't sharpen a serrated knife on a back steel! GRRR. Then, he grabs something he thinks is a cutting board and uses it. Except it's for rolling out gumpaste, and now it's ruined because it's all cut up. And THEN he grabs one of my cake pans that was out (Since I had two cakes for twins due on Sat), and uses it as a serving bowl! Seriously, it was a total WTF day with this crap.

So, I've decided that while I like running the Pathfinder Society events, I will not be running any more at the house. I'm not willing to have my stuff messed up because gamers don't know how to be guests.
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Things have been rocking... [Jun. 12th, 2012|04:01 pm]
The cake business has been really moving quickly recently for me. I've had a cake and/or something else every weekend since the end of May. I have two cakes this Sat, another one next Sat. It's crazy, but it's great. I hope it is the start of business being a lot more consistent for me.
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Things chnage! [Sep. 9th, 2011|12:33 pm]
So, it appears for some reason, Food Network has moved my show. Instead of being on the 29th, I'm now going to be on Sunday the 25th. This really sucks on a personal level, because Matt will be out of town. Maybe he can try to get an earlier flight home, so that he's not landing at 11:30 pm. Maybe. Still, just wanted to let the rest of you know. Oh, and if you see a commercial for the show, there's one that supposedly has me in it. Squee?
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Houston, We have a Date [Aug. 30th, 2011|03:34 pm]
Okay, so it's not space shuttle epic or anything, but I have a date for my show. I'll be on the 2nd (GULP!) week. Sept. 29th at 10 pm on Food Network. That's when I'll be on.
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TV Update [Aug. 25th, 2011|04:54 pm]
Found out the other day that Sweet Genius will start airing on Sept. 22. Still no indication when my show will air, but I'm going to try to read ahead on episodes to figure it out. I know what was on my show, so that should help. At least I wasn't on the episode I read about where they had to use duck fat and fusilli in a frozen dessert.
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Guess what I bought this weekend? [Aug. 9th, 2011|10:18 am]
You'll never guess what I picked up this weekend at the ICES convention (well, I didn't buy it AT convention, but, you know....) A 30 qt Hobart floor mixer! It's used, but the guy gave me a song of a price on it. I realize, of course, that most people reading this journal have no idea what I'm talking about. But some of you will!
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*whew* [Mar. 29th, 2011|05:58 pm]
Glad that's over with. This year's cake show has come and gone. I was exhausted after Sunday. Saturday was a NIGHTMARE with the number of people showing up at once to register.

On the upside: A woman who was at our cocktail event liked my cupcake display enough that it's running on her slideshow on her web page! I think that's awesome.

I also won two first place prizes, which is also nice.
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Cake show reminder! [Feb. 2nd, 2011|04:46 pm]
Hey everyone,

This is just a reminder that the National Capital Area Show will be March 26-27 in Annandale, Va (It's right off the Beltway in DC). We have a bunch of great classes, a live challenge, and new this year is the Cupcake Cocktail Hour. This is a chance to bring your best cupcake, which must be based on a cocktail, and compete against others. All the details can be found on our website at www.cakeshow.org. and you can always ask me!
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T Minus 1 day [Oct. 21st, 2010|04:55 pm]
Everyone shoudl watch this video! It's awesome, and funny.
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